Friday, 30 December 2011


This beautiful old Kazak was very poorly repaired in the past, attached with pre-fabricated fringes. None of the exposed foundation threads was secure. Our client inherited this piece from her father and decided to get it fully restored rather than a simple repair to secure it structurally. As Caucasian rugs like this are very highly sought after by collectors and dealers all around the world, they are very valuable and a nice piece like this certainly deserves to be fully restored.

First step is to anchor in new foundation threads from the back of the rug

All foundation threads, warps are anchored in and attached to a wooden frame, ready to be re-piled

First line of weft, horizontal foundation thread placed in

Re-piling done

Back of the rug
Even though some of the outer border was remaining, the pile was very short and if left, it would make our restoration job noticeable, that is why we removed the whole outer border from both ends and started from the point show on this picture
As Kazak rugs are traditionally finished with a kilim end after the pile, we have woven this part after re-piling was completed

Back of the rug, all re-piling and flat woven parts completed, persian chain stitch to be done to secure the end

New side cord being attached

Both ends completed, ready for trimming and grooming

After trimming

Double chain stitch, note the white cotton thread after flat woven part and blue matching cotton thread over it, this will surely last for many decades to come

All completed very successfully, our client was very happy with the restoration and even experts would find it very difficult to locate the restored parts of the rug.

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