Wednesday, 13 October 2010


This Afghan rug is about 40 years old, due to usage and wear, it had lost some of its pile and foundations was showing. We re-piled all the wear in the filed of the rug and restored a bad repair job with great results. Here is the feedback we have received from our client:

"Dear RugArt,

I write to say how delighted we are with the restoration you have carried out on our Afghan carpet.   It has considerable sentimental value but we were concerned that wear and tear over the years meant that its useful life might be finite.   We had had some rather poor repairs carried out many years ago and your splendid work only shows just how bad they were.  It looks superb with vibrant colour again and it's a real pleasure to use it.

Many thanks for your excellent service.

Yours sincerely"

Sir Peter Dixon

Removing the worn pile knots to prepare the foundations for re-piling

After knotting process, just before clipping

After restoration, untraceable re-piling has finished with 100% colour match