Wednesday, 1 September 2010


187 x 290 cm, Silk on cotton, Souruk tree design rug. Overall, it was in good condition apart form a small cut in the filed and parts of side cord was coming loose. We have anchored new foundation threads (warp and wefts) into this rug and re-piled the cut. New side cords were also added and a cleaning job was done finally.

Feedback on this job from our client:

"I trusted RugArt for the repair and cleaning of my silk carpet and I am delightful to recommend them. The service was price competitive, absolutely perfect and fast. The repair was carried in a most professional manner and the cleaning provided great results. On top, RugArt manager gave me excellent advice on the process and what was the best options to achieve the desired result. His skills in ancient rugs and repairs was really useful. Thanks a lot."
Mr B Vinel, Islington N1,  London