Monday, 17 January 2011


This beautiful Indian rug had issues with side cords and ends, pile was coming off, side cords were broken and foundation threads were missing. In order to create new fringes, we need to expose foundation threads by removing pile then we can get grip on the foundation threads and secure the pile. Because this was an old fine piece, to avoid removing the pile we chose to secure the pile with only 1cm foundation threads exposed, it was a challenge and we did a great job. Our client was expecting to see at least one inch of pile removed, they were very pleasantly surprised with our work.

Badly repaired in the past, instead of securing the fringes with double knot persian stitch, they had just wrapped the ends..

Broken side cords, if left untreated, rug will start loosing its pile as foundation threads go around the side cord are not secure any more.

Side cord after restoration

Fringes were very tricky to secure as we only had about 1cm foundation threads exposed for griping.