Thursday, 28 October 2010


This is a lovely Turkoman Tekke, about 70-80 years old. Unfortunately it had some moth damage (about 15 small holes), side cords were broken and fringes needed securing. We now have completed our repair work, it is looking great, we just started working on a larger Turkoman Tekke rug, same age from the same client. These pieces were passed on from family, they are superior quality compared with many commercial production rugs. Wool and dye quality is extremely good, we also washed this rug and wool looks alive. Fantastic piece to work on even though it is little more time consuming due to its density and hardness of the wool.

This rug has funny story as well, apparently once it was stolen and police traced him down with finger tips. When they seized the house, they were surprised to see the rug was not sold but was in use. It is one of those pieces that even the burglar did not want to sell and depart from it... Thanks to good police work, the owners got their rug back in perfect state.

Note the small moth damage holes

Our instruction was just to secure the fringes, because some of it was completely missing, we anchored in new foundation threads from the back of the rug to create new fringes.

Our client will now probably consider getting all the fringes done after we deliver the rug as it looks much tidier. 

We have taken off all the side cords and re-wrapped a new cord.
During re-piling the moth damage holes.

After re-piling, repair work is untraceable.