Thursday, 2 September 2010


We only use mild shampoo with pure organic ingredients made from plant oils and plant roots. It is 100% bio-degradable leaving no traces behind when rinsed. This is the best treatment for any woven fabric made out of natural and delicate fibres. Chemical shampoos consists of 'cleaning agents' and they are there to clean only with no consideration to natural properties of natural fibres. Shampoos made with chemicals and fragrance damage fine rugs. If you have to do rug cleaning at home, make sure you use a mild, organic and fragrance free baby shampoo and apply gentle agitation, do not use anything that you would not use for your baby. Read our rug cleaning guide for step by step instructions. Here are some of the rugs we have cleaned recently with great results.

187 x 290 cm Souruk design Silk rug (silk on cotton)

180 x 310 wool on cotton Flokati rug

310 x 440 cm wool on cotton Persian rug