Saturday, 18 June 2011


This 30-40 years old Chinese rug was in very poor condition due to extensive moth damage. Rather than suffering in one area, it had holes with broken foundation threads and many areas of pile loss all over. With moth damage restoration, it is always more than what you see as some of the pile may look intact from the front but maybe eaten from the back of the rug, therefore has become un-knotted and loose. Even if the moth is not active any longer, those fibers usually come off due to usage. They need to be  removed and re-piled too.

The rug was stored rolled up, in a very dirty state and left for few years in an attic. We decided to wash it twice, before and after the restoration. The result is brilliant, wool is shinning again, we got rid of all stains and all the holes are restored.

Just some of the damaged fibres, we had to remove them as they were eaten from the back of the rug therefore not attached to the foundations and has become loose.

Hole with broken foundation threads.

Anchored with new foundation threads, back of the rug

Re-pilins is done, just before being trimmed and second wash.