Tuesday, 27 September 2011


THis nice quality qashqai rug had a hole on it due to water damage caused by  a pot which was placed on the rug without a container under for the excess water. As prolonged exposure to water rots all the fibers, foundation threads break, crumble away and finally pile start coming off resulting in a hole. We have restored the rug to its full glory, client is was very happy with the result as she could not even locate where the damage was. www.rugart.biz

Back of the rug, to restore this more have to be remove to create clear rectangular lines.

Front of the rug

Straight rectangular lines are created, vertical foundation threads (warps) anchored in.

Horizontal foundation threads (warps) completed, ready to be re-piled.

Re-piling has been done, ready to be trimmed, finished and groomed.

Back of the rug after re-piling is completed.