Tuesday, 24 August 2010


Size Alteration of Kilim Runner

Here is a kilim & piled runner size alteration example. Client requested it to be shortened as it was too long for their hallway. Apart from the size, it also had a pet urine stain, which is very difficult to remove because it was left untreated long time. Here is a link for what to do in case of a pet urine accident. They should be treated as quick as possible, otherwise the acid in pet urine will cause colour run, fix the colours permanently, cause big damage to fibres of the rug.

Pieces like this one is relatively easy to alter as it is not only piled, parts of it was flat woven (Kilim).

pet urine damage can be seen very clearly

first thing to do is to remove the knots consisting the pile

client requested a finish without fringes, oddly one end of this runner had fringes, the other end was stitched. After removing the pile and removing some of the weft foundation threads, warp threads was exposed to create fringes, secured with 'persian chain' stitch.

here is the finished piece, areas with pile has different colour than the areas exposed sun light and faded over the years. the colour difference will be much more settle over time, some may argue hydro can be used to change the colour of the dark areas, but we are against this as hydro will cause a great deal of damage to fibers and foundations...